Visa to Russia

The first step for conference attendees is to obtain a visa to visit Russia. Each attendee should ask the Russian Consulate in the attendee’s country to learn their visa requirements. We strongly recommend that you apply for the Russian visa no later than 2.5-3 months before the event!

In most cases, the simplest method to obtain a visa to Russia is an AIM TOURISM visa with the help of a Moscow company TRIALOGUE which is providing visa support for the conference (for more information please contact:

To obtain visa support, attendees should follow the Travel Arrangements link on the conference website.  There, you will be taken through the TRIALOGUE company preparation process. We strongly recommend that you apply for your visa no later than three months before the trip, in order to accurately complete and submit all the documents.

Some conference attendees may need additional documentation – for example, letters from the Vernadsky Institute.

In accordance with the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the European Union, persons participating in scientific, cultural and creative activities, including university and other exchange programs, are exempted from paying visa fees.

To provide visa support from  V.I. Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences, meeting participants from European Union will need to provide passport information (first and family name, date and place of birth, male/female, citizenship, passport number, and scanned first page of your passport) to receive the free visa.  A special document will be prepared in Russian for the Russian Consulate.  The meeting participant will then print and email or bring a scanned copy of this document to the Russian Consulate with other required documents (i.e. hotel reservation confirmation) to receive the free visa. Accompanied persons (guests) will need to get a tourist visa and pay for it.

Participants also can get an official invitation to the conference from the Federal Migration Service based on request from the Vernadsky Institute.  Preparation of such the invitation will take a month and the Vernadsky Institute can apply the request 3 months before the event.  If participants decide to choose this invitation to get a visa please request it from the Vernadsky Institute. They need to fill out the special form and send it with a scanned first page of the passport to:

Visa and Passport Requirements

To enter the Russian Federation (Russia) every foreign citizen should have:

  • Valid Russian Entry Visa (please check the exceptions on the website of your Russian Consulate. A list of all Russian Consulates is available on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia –
  • Valid passport for entry to the Russian Federation (the expiry date must exceed the planned date of your departure from Russia by 6 months);
  • Migration card. You’ll be provided with this form in the airplane or at the airport. Please fill it in and keep with you during your stay in Russia. You will need it upon arrival and departure at the customs.

Your passport and Entry Visa will be checked and verified by a Passport Control Officer upon arrival and departure, at the hotel, when purchasing tickets and when traveling by train, ship, airplane or local/international carriers.


Tourist visa – («Tourist Voucher» and «Foreign Tourist Reception Confirmation») will be provided by a company TRIALOGUE (

To obtain visa support for Tourist visa a legible photocopy of your passport should be provided to

To obtain a Tourist visa, the following documents should be presented to the Russian Embassy (Consulate) of your residence country:

  • Tourist voucher;
  • Foreign tourist reception confirmation;
  • Confirmation of the hotel reservation;
  • Completed «Application form for Russian Entry Visa» (you can find it on the website of your Russian Embassy (Consulate) and use next information:
  • Name of host travel company
  • Reference Number
  • Confirmation Number:  Number of the tourist voucher (5 figures)
  • Please, be informed that «AIM TOURISM» should be mentioned as purpose of your visit in the «Application form for Russian Entry Visa» at the Russian Embassy (Consulate). According to Russian classification purpose of travel «AIM TOURISM» includes: exhibition visit, participation in events and etc.
  • Valid national passport, validity exceeding planned date of departure from Russia by 6 months;
  • 2-3 passport-size photos.
  • Other documents (please check the full list of the required documents on the website of your Russian Embassy (Consulate).

Applying for visa

  1. Personal visit to the Russian Embassy (Consulate).

Please consult the Russian Embassy (Consulate) personnel if you have any questions or email to

  1. Mailing visa application.

Please, check the possibility of mail application at the Russian Embassy (Consulate) in your country.

  • Get the «Application form for Russian Entry Visa» from website of the Russian Embassy (Consulate) in your country, fill it in and send to the Russian Embassy (Consulate) by courier.
  • Make sure to put in envelope: filled «Application form for Russian Entry Visa», passport and photos. Check with the Russian Embassy (Consulate) how to pay visa fee and provide payment confirmation.
  • Upon processing of the application, the Russian Embassy (Consulate) will send the passport with visa back to your address.
  • Usually visa application turn around time is no longer than 14 days, but we strongly recommend to start visa application process not later than 3 months before your trip.

If you have any question about your visa or you need an assistant in getting visa in your country, please, contact: