Scientific Information

PRELIMINARY SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM of the 81st Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society

TOPICS OF WORKSHOPS (under discussion) Sunday, July 22 before registration and welcome party:

  • Experiment and Modelling in Investigation of Extraterrestrial material
  • NEOs Hazard: Multidisciplinary Approach

Opening ceremony (Monday, July 23, 9.00 am):

Invited lecture (Monday, July 23, after opening ceremony)

Barringer (public) lecture (Monday, July 23, ~ 6.30 pm)

Special Sessions:

  • Special session dedicated to the famous and largest meteorite falls in Russia, (110th anniversary of the Tunguska phenomena and 5th anniversary of the Chelyabinsk fall)
  • Surface and interior dynamics of meteorite parent bodies
  • Astronomic models of the chondrule formation and coagulation of dust particles in protoplanetary disk.

Scientific Sessions:

  •  Presolar Grains and Isotopic anomalies
  •  Radionuclides and Early Solar System Chronology
  • Interplanetary Dust Particles, Micrometeorites and Stardust
  • CAIs and Other Refractory Materials
  • Formation of Chondrules and Chondrite Precursors
  • Volatiles in the Solar System
  • Carbonaceous chondritesand their parent body evolution
  • Organic material in Meteorites, Distribution and Evolution
  • Differentiated Bodies in the Asteroid Belt: Psyche, Vesta, and Ceres
  • Achondrites
  • Martian meteorites
  • Lunar samples and lunar meteorites, origin and evolution of the Moon
  • Iron and Stony-Iron meteorites
  • Parent Body Processes
  • Isotopic, Chemical and Experimental Studies of meteorites
  • Exposure history and Delivery Meteorites from Asteroids
  • Asteroids and Comets
  • Physical Properties of Meteorites
  • Impact Cratering Processes and Dynamic of Small Bodies
  • Shock metamorphism
  • Developments in Analytical Technique for Meteorite Analyses and Returned Sample Analysis
  • Meteorite Fall/Finds
  • Others