July 28 to July 30(31)

Participants plan go to Kazan July 27 night.

If you have any questions please contact Dilyara Kuzina, di.gilmanova@gmail.com.

Day 1. Karlinskiy crater (Karla crater)

This is one of the largest impact meteorite craters in Russia. Named after Karla river – tributary of the Sviyaga river located 120 km SW from Kazan (54° 55’N, 48° 2’E).

D = 10 km, Age = 5 ± 1 Ma

The drive to the crater will take ~2.5-3 hours each way.

Karla crater

Day 2. Excursions in Kazan & museums

Excursion to Kazan Federal University laboratories and museums – geological and university history.

Museum of Natural History of Tatarstan

National Museum of The Tatarstan Republic

Day 3. Excursions

There are 3 options:

Payment for three days of excursions is $100.

How to reach Kazan from Moscow?

The fastest way is by plane. The flight will take about 1.5 hours. The ticket costs around $75 (including baggage).

It is also possible to travel by train. The trip takes about 12 hours and is usually an overnight trip. The ticket costs around $60 depending on the class of the train.

Where to stay in Kazan?

There are many hotels, hostels and rooms in Kazan. Below are three options we suggest. Please contact Dilyara Kuzina for reservations – di.kuzina@gmail.com

Nogay Hotel
The price per night in a standard single room is $45.

Hayal hotel

The price per night in a standard single room is $50 if you make a reservation through Kazan university.

TatarInn hotel

The price per night in a standard single room is $27.

Where to go in Kazan?

The city has many concert halls, theater venues, etc. For the 2018 season there still no program as of now, but the ticket prices typically range from 400 to 3000 rubles ($8-50). Below are links to two of the most interesting places.

Tatar state academic opera and ballet theatre named after Musa Jalil

Saydashev State Great Concert Hall

Depending on where you choose to stay and how you choose to reach Kazan, the total trip will cost approximately $330.